Fundraising tips & tricks

We’re here to help make fundraising easy! Here are a few tips to help you get started, or to take your efforts to the next level.

Customize your Page
Login to your Participant Centre to personalize your fundraising page - it will make all the difference! Add a photo and share your “why” for fundraising and participating in Rally for Rehab. If you’re comfortable, share a bit about your experience and personal connection to UHN’s Toronto Rehab. Learning about the impact that Toronto Rehab has had on you, and understanding why you’re passionate about supporting them, will motivate others to donate.

Personal gift
Make a personal donation to your page and lead by example. When your friends, family, and coworkers see that you are committed to the cause, they'll be more likely to donate too. They may even consider matching the amount of your personal gift!

First donation
If you haven't already, ask for your first donation today! Asking someone to support your fundraising page gives people the opportunity to help turn health care hope into action. And the sooner you start, the easier it will be to create the greatest impact possible with your fundraising. If you need some help getting started, check out our sample email templates here.

Please note that all participants must have raised a minimum of $5 in order to send emails through the participant centre due to changes with our website provider. As an alternative to sending through the participant centre, you can copy and paste the templates linked here and send as a normal email.

Ask for a specific amount
People may not know how much to give, so request a specific amount, like $30, $50, or even $75. Or, if you have made a personal gift, you could share this and ask the people in your network to match the amount of your personal gift.

Cast a wide net
Asking your family, friends, and work colleagues is a great place to start, but don’t forget the other people in your life - you never know who may want to help. Reach out to other connections such as your faith leaders, community centres, or business associations. Talk about your fundraising with your child’s teachers, coaches, or other parents, your dentist, your hairdresser…you get the idea!

Take it social
Social media is a great way to reach a wide audience - people who use social media raise 40% more than those who don’t! Share the link to your personal page online and let your friends know why you’re fundraising in support of UHN. Take a quick selfie or video and share your progress. You can also use social media to thank donors for their support. Don’t forget to tag and use #RallyforRehab2024.

Ask, and ask again
It’s okay to follow up with people who haven’t responded - sometimes people need a reminder! Send emails, make phone calls, or text your family and friends to ask that they sponsor you. Tell your friends about your fundraising efforts and mention it to colleagues at work when you see them in person.

Email signature
Add a link to your personal page in your email signatures for your work and your personal email addresses. Include a short sentence encouraging people to donate and support your fundraising efforts for Rally for Rehab, in support of Toronto Rehab.

Get Creative
There are so many fun and different ways that you can fundraise! Having a bake sale, garage sale, used book sale, or hosting a trivia night are all great ways to supplement your team or individual fundraising efforts. Any special talents or skills that you have may also inspire you and or/your team to get creative.

Matching gift program
Take advantage of your employer’s matching gift program - many employers offer this. Contact your HR department to see if your organization will match your fundraising initiatives.

Pat yourself on the back
Fundraising can be hard work. You should be proud of your dedication to raising money and helping us fund research that will help even more Toronto Rehab patients reach their rehabilitation goals!

If you have questions please contact Christine Armstrong, Senior Events Officer, at 647-625-1308 or