About Toronto Rehab

Toronto Rehab is the largest hospital in Canada dedicated to adult rehabilitation.

Virtually everyone will be affected by disability at some point in their lives. Injuries, illnesses or age-related health conditions can all limit functionality, disrupt daily routines and make it challenging to lead independent, active and engaged lives.

For patients at University Health Network (UHN), Toronto Rehab plays an essential role in their recovery. After receiving treatment through UHN’s world-leading clinical programs, patients come to Toronto Rehab to regain their strength, relearn vital life skills and discover new ways to approach daily tasks so they can return to their lives.

Complementing its outstanding clinical program, Toronto Rehab is conducting game-changing research through the KITE Research Institute at UHN, the number-one rehabilitation research institute in the world. The scientists at KITE are redefining rehabilitation, developing revolutionary tools, technologies and treatments that are helping patients reach their rehabilitation goals faster.

Toronto Rehab aspires to innovate in all areas of rehabilitation clinical care, research and education. With generous support from donors like you, we are making incredible happen and helping patients reclaim their independence after life-altering health events.

As one of North America’s leading rehabilitation science centres, Toronto Rehab is helping people thrive with their disabilities and reach their full human potential.

If you have questions please contact Alexandra Stevenson (she/her), Event Coordinator, at 647-532-0988 or alexandra.stevenson@uhn.ca.