Class schedule

We are excited to offer a variety of mixed ability classes. Wellness is an important part empowering our minds and bodies.

Darryl Tracy teaching a mixed abilities movement class
Tam Fattahi from Togi Wellness teaching yoga
Garth Sinclair from the Adelaide Club teaching Total Body Conditioning
And Toronto Rehab instructing in both High Energy Movement and Pilates Flow

When classes are live please click the link in your email to join via zoom, or watch the recording on your schedule!

We are excited to offer a variety of mixed ability classes. Wellness is an important part of empowering our minds and bodies.

All classes can be counted at 10km; make sure to add yours on the tracking tab or email your progress to

Thursday @ 11:30 a.m.

Activity: Kick off video



This class is pre-recorded, please challenge yourself anytime after the kick off at 11:30 a.m!

Activity: High energy Soca movement

Instructor: Emily Joseph

Company name: Toronto Rehab

Class description: A cardiovascular technician by day, a soca enthusiast by night! Emily and friends from the Cardiac Rehab Program will be dancing their way into your hearts to kick off the highly anticipated Rally for Rehab Fundraising Campaign! On the menu for this high energy 30 minute workout various combinations of hip swivels, quick footwork, elaborate arm movements, head rolls, and squatting. Join us for some serious heart pumpin’ good times!


Friday @ 12 p.m.

Activity: Mixed abilities movement class

Instructor: Darryl Tracy

Company name: Darryl Tracy Dance

Class description: Dance Movement Rhythm Class is a class for all experience levels and abilities. Darryl Tracy will facilitate inspiring movement sequences with original music. You don't have to be a dancer to enjoy this session! The class will begin with a warm up and then the following simple choreographed phrases will look at shifting your weight, expressive limbs and various ways to use flow and lines of energy to experience movement. This class can be done in standing or seated posture. Come out and have some fun moving your body!


Saturday @ 10 a.m.

Activity: Total Body Conditioning

Instructor: Lauren Neal

Company name: Adelaide Club

Class description: With a mix of bodyweight and weighted exercises, you’ll challenge your cardiovascular system and muscles from head to toe. (All levels)

Equipment: light/medium dumbbells or weighted objects.


Sunday @ 10 a.m.

Activity: On-Core

Instructor: Garth Sinclair

Company name: Adelaide Club

Class description: Challenge your core, stabilize your trunk, and have fun while doing it! A gentle stretch included at the end. (All levels)

Equipment: Light/medium dumbbell or weighted object.


Sunday @ 7:30 p.m.

Activity: Yoga

Instructor: Tam Fattahi

Company name: Togi Wellness

Class description: This Flow yoga class is designed for all-levels.  The instructor is here to guide and provide modifications for a practice that will help you feel energized, grounded and balanced.  This is a sequence of continuous movement and breathing.



These classes are pre-recorded, please challenge yourself anytime on Monday. Video links coming soon!

Activity: Gentle yoga flow

Instructor: Cardiac Rehab, Toronto Rehab


Activity: Breathwork - our very popular class from 2021!

Instructor: Steph McLeod, Fuel your Soul


If you have questions please contact Alexandra Stevenson (she/her), Event Coordinator, at 647-532-0988 or