Fundraising Tips

These fundraising tips will help you get started raising money or take your efforts to the next level.

Customize your personal fundraising page

Login to your Participant Centre and add a photo and share your own story. Tell others why why you’ve chosen to take up this cause and any personal connection you may have; it helps bring the issues alive for people reading your story.

Personal gift

Make a personal donation to your page and lead by example. Once your friends, family and coworkers see that you are committed to the cause, they'll be more likely to donate too!

First donation

If you haven't already, ask for your first donation today! Asking someone to support your fundraising page gives people the opportunity to help pursue the knowledge that will make all our lives better.

Ask for a specific amount

People may not know how much to give, so request a specific amount, like $30, $50 or even $75.

Take it social

Social media is a great way to reach a wide audience. Share the link to your personal page online and let your friends know why you’re fundraising in support of UHN Foundation. Take a quick selfie or video and share your progress. You can also use social media to thank donors for their support.

Ask, ask, ask

Send emails, make phone calls or text to ask your family and friends to sponsor you. Get personal and tell your friends about your fundraising efforts at a party or mention to colleagues at work over coffee. It’s okay to follow up, too sometimes people need a reminder!

Get creative

Add a link in your email signature. Reach out to other connections in the community such as your priest, Rabbi or Imam. Talk about your fundraising with your boss, teachers, coaches or other parents. You never know who will be motivated to support you!

Matching gift program

Take advantage of your employer’s matching gift program. Contact your HR department to see if your organization will match your fundraising initiatives.

Pat yourself on the back

Fundraising can be hard work. You should be proud of your dedication to raise money to help us pursue knowledge that makes all our lives better!

Impact of your support

Want to share the impact of your support with your donors? Here are some highlights of what donor support has helped Toronto General and Toronto Western hospitals and Toronto Rehab achieve:

  • Implant more than 200 mechanical hearts to save the lives of patients with failing hearts.
  • Discover two osteoarthritis biomarkers.
  • Create insulin-producing cells in the lab that could one day be transplanted into humans.
  • Use spinal decompression surgery to enable patients with paralysis to walk again.
  • Develop Ex Vivo technology, which has increased lung transplants by 70% in 5 years.
  • Lead clinical trials that resulted in a cure for hepatitis C.
  • Develop new ways of detecting and treating very early-stage lung cancer.
  • Research a promising new therapeutic treatment for Alzheimer’s.