Ready to fundraise? We’re here to give you all the tools you need to get you started and succeed. The tools below will help promote your fundraiser and take your efforts to the next level.
Fundraising guide

A guide to help optimize your fundraising efforts.

Fundraising ideas

Find some inspiration for creative fundraising ideas.

Online fundraising page handbook

Managing your fundraising page and navigating your Participant Centre.

Fundraising donation pledge form

Complete the form and send in your cash and cheque donations.


  1. Customize your fundraising page
    Log in to your Participant Centre to add a photo and share your story. Tell others why you’ve chosen to take up this cause and any personal connection you may have. This small step makes it likely for people to give!
  2. Self-donate
    Make a personal donation to your page and lead by example. Once your friends, family and coworkers see that you are committed to the cause, they'll be more likely to donate too.
  3. Ask for a specific amount
    People may not know how much to give, so request a specific amount, like $30, $50 or even $75.
  4. Take it social
    Use social media to amplify your efforts and broaden your reach. Share posts and pictures with the link to your fundraising page and ask people to support you. Take a quick selfie or video and share your progress. Remember to tag @UHNfoundation.
  5. Get creative
    Add a link in your email signature or change your voicemail. Reach out to other connections in the community. Talk about your fundraising with your boss, teachers, coaches or other parents. You never know who will be motivated to support you! Check out our fundraising ideas for some inspiration!
  6. Follow up and ask
    Send emails, make phone calls or text to ask your family and friends to support you. Continue to remind those who have yet to donate. People just need reminders, so don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.
  7. Share your progress and give thanks
    Provide updates throughout your journey by sharing progress photos, personal stories, and progress in your fundraising totals. When you are at 90 per cent of your goal, follow up with your network and ask them to get you to the finish line. Make sure to send a ‘thank you’ to those that have supported you – whether that’s on social media, email, text, or a call. Top tip: a handwritten note goes a long way!